"What Do the People Want?" The Threat of Privatization of Public Assets, A Press Conference on Privatization

August 3, 2011
10:00 am to noon
Chicago Temple
77 W. Washington
2nd floor James Parker Hall

Chicago is now rated with the 4th highest parking rates in the country. And the income doesn't go into the city treasury. It goes into the pockets of a private company, Chicago Parking Meters, LLC (aka Morgan Stanley). This is lost income to the city for the 75 year term of the lease.

Big corporations now have their eyes on a lot more than parking meters. There is a push for major infrastructure deals not only in Chicago, but around the state. The trend is much further along than most people are aware. It is a trend that would strip assets, income and oversight from the people of Chicago and Illinois.

CAPOW! (Citizens Act to Protect Our Water) is announcing "What Do the People Want?", an effort to call attention to the scope of the threat that privatization poses to the public.

As part of the effort to inform the public, CAPOW! has organized a press conference on August 3. The press conference will feature speakers from CAPOW! and area civic organizations, and individuals concerned about the privatization of public assets. The speakers will discuss the extent of this push by corporations to privatize in Chicago. They call on the new Emanuel administration to maintain a strong policy of protecting public assets. We will present critical information on the danger that privatization poses to the community.

Confirmed Spokespersons:

  • Liane Casten, CAPOW!
  • Emily Carroll, Food & Water Watch - Chicago
  • Joyce Good, Privatization Watch Illinois
  • Spokesperson, Move-On.Org
  • Lora Chamberlain, Water Group
  • Charles Paidock, Citzens Transit Riders
  • Clare Tobin, Illinois Ballot Integrity Project
  • Mike Pitula, Little Village Environmental Justice Organization
  • Tom Tresser, No Games Chicago and Candidate for Cook County Board President, 2010
  • If you can attend, please RSVP to Beverley at the below contact information.

    Hope to see you Wednesday at the press conference.

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